Massachusetts :: Springfield
Online Guide to Autism

Below is a list of Autism Therapists in Springfield , Massachusetts. Please click on a name to view more information.
Tamara Bellings
Counselor, MS, PLPC
phone:  (417) 232-6694
Address: 1320 East Kingsley Street Suite A
Dr. HJ Bains
Psychiatrist, MD
phone:  (417) 203-4367
Address: 1530 E Primrose Suite C
Dr. Mala K Tandon
Psychologist, PsyD
phone:  (703) 596-8316
Address: 6563 Edsall Rd.
Mrs. Jacqueline Diaz Maldonado
Counselor, LMHC
phone:  (413) 341-1792
Address: 511 East Columbus Ave
Robin Spiro
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
phone:  (973) 718-5135 
Address: 28 Millburn Avenue Suite 3
Linda Schauer
Counselor, LCPC, CSAC, LMHC
phone:  (703) 348-9692
Address: 6427 Franconia Road
Dr. Amie Allain
Psychologist, PhD
phone:  (281) 712-2798
Address: 7019 Backlick Court
Mr. Steve Parker
Psychologist, MC, MS, LPC
phone:  (302) 364-0945
Address: 1260 E. Woodland AVe.
E. M. Harley Garrigan
Counselor, LMHC, MS
phone:  (413) 376-7707
Martha Williams
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
phone:  (703) 596-8442
Address: 6427 Franconia Road
Dr. Carl E Skeene Jr
Counselor, PsyD, LMHC
phone:  (413) 357-1084
Address: 75 Wilkes Street