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Online Guide to Autism

Below is a list of Autism Therapists in Toronto , Ontario. Please click on a name to view more information.
Sue Hunter
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, RSW, MBA
phone:  (416) 722-4600
Address: The Centre 316 Dupont Street
Mrs. Margit Miryam Herburger
phone:  (647) 261-3733
Address: 53 Emerson Ave.
Ms. Cosmina Ionescu Vaccarino
Counselor, MA
phone:  (647) 955-3896
Address: Spadina Avenue and Bloor St (at Spadina subway) Central Toronto
Larry Borins
Marriage & Family Therapist, MSW, RSW
phone:  (416) 546-5511
Address: 3080 Yonge Street Suite 5016
Ms. Alison Fosbery
Pre-Licensed Professional, MA
phone:  (416) 899-0518
Mr. J Roberto Nascimento
Pre-Licensed Professional, MA
phone:  (416) 929-1816 
Address: 489 College Street Suite 201
Ms. Liane Odze-Silver
phone:  (416) 782-7733
Mr. Nicholas Power
phone:  (416) 705-8085
Address: 4-623 Christie St.
Mrs. Gabriele M Craig
Art Therapist
phone:  (647) 933-5362
Address: 316 Dupont Street, 30 Lee Avenue, Beaches
Psychotherapy Referral Service
phone:  (416) 920-0655
Address: 316 Dupont Street
Ms. Lee Shields
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MA
phone:  (647) 668-6094
Address: 176 St George Main Floor